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Poveznica na dokument Assessing refugee healthcare needs in Europe and implementing educational interventions in primary care: a focus on methods
Poveznica na dokument How the COVID-19 pandemic affects transgender health care - A cross-sectional online survey in 63 upper-middle-income and high-income countries
Poveznica na dokument Seeking help for sexual difficulties: findings from a study with older adults in four European countries
Poveznica na dokument Psihičko zdravlje liječnika u Hrvatskoj za vrijeme pandemije COVID-19
Poveznica na dokument Mental health status and risk factors during Covid-19 pandemic in the Croatia’s adult population
Poveznica na dokument Development and evaluation of a web-based capacity building course in the EUR-HUMAN project to support primary health care professionals in the provision of high-quality care for refugees and migrants
Poveznica na dokument How Perfectionism and Eating Disorder Symptoms Contribute to Searching Weight-Loss Information on the Internet?